Address: 2-2-28, Irifune, Minato-ku,
Nagoya-shi, 455-0032
Administration department
Business and operation department
Marine, supply and maintenance department
Fax: (052)653-6828
Established: October 4, 1948
Main Business: Harbor tug-boat service
Paid in Capital: 90 million yen
Main Shareholder: Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line)
President: Hiroshi Adachi
Number of Employees: Marine staff 33
shore staff 11

Greetings from the President
Nagoyakisen Kaisha, Ltd., was founded in 1948 and was the first international shipping company to be registered in City of Nagoya under the auspices of the Economical Societies in Central Japan. Subsequently, we became well known as an operator of Harbor Tugs in the Port of Nagoya from 1963 onward. In 1978,the Company ceased participating in vessel management & operating businesses,and since then,Harbor Tug operation has been our core business,owing and operating 5 tugs in Nagoya.

In 1988,Nagoyakisen Kaisha became a subsidiary company of Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line) ,who own one third of all the harbor tugs in Japanese ports through various affiliated companies across the country. While the operation of Harbor Tugs is our core business, we are nevertheless making our utmost efforts to diversify our business scope as a group company of the NYK Group.

We are proud of our certification as ISO9001(quality), ISO14001(environment) by LRQA Japan, which is quite a unique situation among Japanese harbor tug operators. We are making every possible effort to protect the environment by the way of employee training,not onlly in their professional skills,but also to became competent in ISO rules and their spirit.

We,the Management of Nagoyakisen Kaisha,Ltd.,hereby commit:

 1)  to contribute stability and development in our industry by providing our services safely, properly and         professionally.
 2)  to maintain our pride as good citizens of Nagoya, and contribute toward future development of the Port      of Nagoya.
 3)  to strictly observe all applicable laws and social rules.
 4)  to keep active in the preservation of our environment in everything we do,at all times.

It is our determination that Nagoyakisen Kaisha,Ltd will continue to be a company which provides all its customers safe,efficient,convenient and professional services. (please click here for the ISO page).


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